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Agevisor Touch basic
trouble shooting

in the event that the machine is not scanning or the touch screen is nonresponsive

Power Cycle Device

  • Connect a USB Mouse and or USB Keyboard into the USB ports on the right side of the unit.

  • Once connected hold the power button down and use the mouse to slide down on the screen to power off the unit.

  • Keep the unit powered off for 1 minute then power the unit back on.

  • Once powered on, test to see if the touch screen becomes responsive again.

  • If frozen - Hold power button until screen goes black.  Usually takes 10-15 seconds.  Do not be fooled by it going into sleep mode from a short button press.  If it turns on too quickly it definitely just went to sleep.

The token works hotline can be called for remote service.  A Technician will use teamviewer to access the device to repair or diagnose
  914-704-3100 x2.

additional trouble shooting for the brave and bold amongst you.

-Won't turn on or stay on?-

If your ID scanner is having problems turning on or has problems staying on (Odds are... your power jack is damaged.)  Power Cycling does not refer to pulling the chord out of the side.  These type of barrel plugs are very delicate and wear down from constant unplugging.  If the touch screen is non-responsive holding the power button on the side for 10-15 seconds will force a shut down.  There have been a staggering volume of ID Scanners damaged by constant unplugging from the delicate jack on the side of the machine.  If it must be unplugged please unplug it from the outlet, and not the side of the machine.  In the event that you suspect that your store is the unlucky store where this jack damage has occurred please watch the following video.

-Touch screen doesn't work?-

The touch screen no longer works... This is unfortunately a common part of wear and tear and old age setting in on the touch screen devices, but great news!  The DVR in the back of your store comes equipped with a small mouse that you can take and plug into the side of the ID scanner.  These ID Scanners are just windows computers and are fully compatible with mouse and keyboard.  Plugging the mouse into the side is a great work around.

not feeling brave or bold?
call the i.t. line 479-278-7303
reach out over slack.

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