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Employee Spotlight


Christina - Employee of Oklahoma City, OK Store

“I have been with Vapor 100 for 9 months now. I absolutely love my job, I love all the customers that come through each and every day as I am a BIG people person!!! I also enjoy working with my co-workers and learning new things from our Regionals.  My favorite products are SadBoy Vape juice Unicorn Tears.”

Grant - Manager of Texarkana, TX Store

“I've been with the Company almost 4 years now. Started as a part time employee and now I’m a store manager. My favorite part of the job has to be the customers and my employees. They always make for an interesting day. My favorite product is our blueberry cake vape juice. Thank you!!"

Natasha - Employee of Rolla, MO Store

“I joined the company in March of 2024 and my favorite thing about working here is having customers trust you enough to venture out of their comfort zone to try new flavors and products! My favorite vape we have is the Raz Violet.”

Emerson - Employee of Great Bend, KS 

“I've been with Vapor100 since July 2023, and I love it here! I love getting to know the regular customers, and making sure that everybody leaves happy with their purchases. Some of my favorite products that I recommend would be Pod Juice Strawberry Kiwi Pomberry, Raz 25k disposables, and King Palm wraps and cones."

Thomas - Employee of Ardmore, OK Store

“My name’s Thomas, I recently had a baby also named Thomas and mainly spend time with my family outside of work! I’ve been working for BHDistro for less than a year, and I love the family feeling and how I’m able to help my customers! Nothing makes me smile more than a customer who got what they needed because I didn’t mind talking and listening to their needs for a bit! My personal favorite products would be our mods, we have a very large selection. I use my own Zeus RTA daily and sitting around playing with mesh coils is one of my favorite things to do. Anytime a customer comes in with questions on rebuildables I get a big smile on my face.”

Katherine "Kady" - Manager of Republic City, MO

“I’ve been with Vapor World for a year and 10 months, been managing for 10 months! I’ve been vaping for 8 years! I love helping people and making sure they have the best experience possible when they come into my store. I also love when I can help customers that want to start vaping and teaching them all the things to know about it! As well with educating them with any of our products! My current favorite disposable vape is the RAZ 25k. It’s a great product that I highly recommend!”

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