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cayan troubleshooting

initial setup

When first setting up a computer to use the cayan genius credit card reader you need

to first install the cayan security certificate.  Click the big red button below to download the security certificate.

The file downloaded will likely be listed as pod-ca - double click it and hit next until the install is complete.

connecting your computer to the genius after installing this certificate is the same as the last steps of initial setup.

Follow the toubleshooting section to finalize setup.  (Note additional installs of the security certificate are usually necessary)

basic troubleshooting

Using the pin pad on the Cayan Genius press 000 (zero-zero-zero) on the keypad.

Then type the default password 9416557 and press the big green button to enter the admin screen.

on the admin screen look for the number listed as an IP address.

Document the IP address in a notepad file saved to your desktop labeled as IP-day-month-year


If you already have a notepad file with the last documented IP address please check to see if it is the

same as the IP address listed in the cayan.  If the IP address does not match you

will have to call Mervin or warehouse to update the IP address listing in lightspeed before proceeding to the next steps.

Copy the following link and paste it into your firefox browser then replace the

with the IP address you found in your cayan genius credit card reader.


press the big red button on the genius a few times to get it to go back to its standby screen

then hit the enter key on your computer keyboard to input the ip routing link.

If all is well... You will be greeted with a warning page from firefox.

Scroll down and choose advanced and continue to page anyways.

Some text will appear in your browser window with the cayan connection diagnostics readout.

You should see ONLINE listed near the top of the readout which means the process should

have been successful.

Run a test transaction in lightspeed by adding an item and try to run it as credit.

If the genius screen lights up asking for a credit card you are good to go.

You can hit cancel transaction and clear the items to run transactions again as normal.

additional troublshooting and known cayan issues

1. Firefox updates run in the background unannounced and often times break

the established connection from the computer to the Genius.

Solution: Follow basic trouble shooting protacol (run JSON link)

2. The ethernet cables have been stomped into a frayed pulp and either intermitantly

transfer data to the genius or no longer work at all.

Solution: Call your regional for new ethernet cables and duct tape them

to the floor away from the register (where they don't have to be stood on)

3. (rare) Cayan certificate has duplicated itself and your IT guy is going to have to go in and delete the

duplicates from the ssl registry and reinstall the security certificate. 

Solution (call IT this one is bad)

4. Mozilla firefox has become irredeemably corrupt due to how it manages memory. 

Solution:  Try using the firefox refresh utility.  Close firefox hold down the shift key while double clicking firefox icon.

Choose refresh.  If this fails call IT for deep wipe of Firefox.

Yes it embeds itself in the file system and cannot be totally uninstalled by normal means.

4. Loss of connection temporarily due to lightspeed or payment processor going offline.

Solution:  Be patient while their teams slap out the server fires.

trouble shooting failed?
or don't want to deal with it?

Please reach out to Me (Mimbsy) through slack or on my office hotline
during warehouse hours @ 479-278-7303 or on my mobile after hours 770-855-4255
if not available please reach out to Mervin.

IT use section only


From the Genius idle screen press 000 (zero-zero-zero) on the keypad.
Using keypad enter the Genius CED password 9416557.

lightspeed mozilla about:congfig settings

Do not fool with this IT use only!


HOLD 159 then password 166832

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